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Application for Dubai building

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Application for Malaysia Children Toilet

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The above application scenarios describe several common uses of radar sensor LED downlights to provide intelligent and efficient lighting solutions. These scenarios make full use of the radar sensor's capabilities, allowing the LED downlights to automatically turn on and adjust brightness based on human movement, thereby achieving energy savings and user convenience.

Indoor Corridors or Staircases: In places where there is insufficient natural light, LED downlights equipped with radar sensors can detect pedestrians' movement and automatically illuminate, saving energy.

Storage Rooms or Garages: Radar sensor LED downlights can sense the presence of people entering these dim areas and automatically turn on the lights.

Commercial Building Entrances or Lobbies: Radar sensors can monitor the flow of people entering and exiting, enabling LED downlights to provide sufficient illumination while conserving energy.

Public Restrooms: When people enter the restroom, radar sensor LED downlights can automatically turn on to provide necessary illumination.

Shops or Supermarkets: When radar sensors detect customers approaching shelves or display cabinets, LED downlights can automatically adjust brightness to enhance product display.

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