G24 2-PIN 5W Auto On Off Retrofit LED capsule bulb with built in microwave sensor AM-QP-05

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G24 2 PIN 5W Auto On Off Retrofit LED capsule bulb with built in microwave sensor AM-QP-05

This innovative LED bulb combines energy-efficient lighting with advanced sensor technology, providing convenience and sustainability for various applications.

Product Features:

  • Energy-efficient LED Lighting: The G24 LED capsule bulb consumes only 5 watts of power, offering significant energy savings compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

  • Built-in Microwave Sensor: Equipped with a high-quality microwave sensor, this bulb detects motion within its range, automatically turning on when movement is detected and turning off after a set period of inactivity. This feature enhances convenience and promotes energy conservation.

  • Auto On/Off Function: The sensor-driven auto on/off functionality eliminates the need for manual switching, making it ideal for spaces where hands-free lighting control is desired.

  • Retrofit Design: The G24 2-pin base allows for easy retrofitting into existing fixtures, making it a hassle-free upgrade option for both residential and commercial settings.

  • Versatile Applications: This LED capsule bulb with a microwave sensor is suitable for a wide range of applications, including hallways, staircases, closets, bathrooms, and other areas where frequent motion occurs.

  • Long Lifespan: With a long operational lifespan, this LED bulb reduces the need for frequent replacements, contributing to lower maintenance costs.

  • Environmental Friendly: LED technology is known for its eco-friendly attributes, including reduced energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions, promoting a greener environment.

  • Instant Lighting: The LED technology ensures instant and consistent lighting output, without the warm-up time required by some traditional lighting sources.

  • Low Heat Emission: The LED design generates significantly less heat compared to incandescent bulbs, contributing to a safer and more comfortable environment.

  • Wide Angle Detection: The built-in microwave sensor offers a wide detection angle, ensuring reliable motion detection from various directions.

Auto On Off Retrofit LED capsule bulb

Item NoAM-QP-05
SizeDiameter 47mm*110mm
Power consumption
Rated power5W
LED Qty14pcs*SMD2835

Lumen efficiency



Power factor


Beam angle150 degree
CRIRa 80
Sensor Data
Sensor principleHF Microwave
Operation frequency


Transmission power<0.2mW
Detection range8m*6m ( diamater*H)
Hold time15±5s ( 30s/45s/60s/2mins optional )

Sensor mode

Option 1: Full to Off (100%-off)

Option 2: Full to Dim (100%-20% standby)

ApplicationCarpark, parking lot, basement, corridor, warehouse, storage room. 

Sensor LED Retrofit.jpgMotion sensor led bulb.png

Customer Questions & Answers


  • Sensor type A:   ON/OFF Mode (100%-0%)

          When detect movement lighting, Light turn on at 100% brightness,

          No movement, stand by status light off (0%)

  • Sensor type B:  Full/Dim Mode (100%~20%)

          When detect movement lighting, Light turn on at 100% Brightness,

          No movement, stand by status lighting turn to 20% (2-3 watt)

  • Delay time: 15 seconds

           Mean: the last movement past, light still keep on lighting 15 seconds

  • Quality control:

           We have three sensor test rooms, make sure each lamps passed stricly sensor function test and aging test  before shipping.

  • Warranty : 2 years

  •  Application:  

          The Motion Sensor LED Light Bulb Ideal for domestic applications such as Corridor, cabinets, hallway,  Stairways, attics, Basement, Warehouse, hallyway, Closet, Depot, Bathroom, Toilet, Childern Room.etc. 

          Business applications include shops, offices, warehouses, storerooms, workshops, cable ways, substations and archives

How we test the sensor function in Factory? 


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